Full-featured recording, reporting, and evaluation tools that transform interactions into actionable intelligence to enhance call center performance

minimize risk and operational costs

Improving Agent Productivity and Customer Satisfaction.

  • Capture 100% of phone interactions and agent desktops to ensure compliance with policies and protocols
  • Evaluate agent performance using quality assurance indicators that can be customized for each contact center
  • Monitor activity and interactions with real-time dashboards or quickly retrieve interactions for review later
  • Automated and on-demand reporting to improve customer service and optimize operational workflows
The Calibre solution has been transforming a wide range of industries for the past several decades:

Recording calls in a healthcare facility call center requires strict adherence to a multitude of regulations including HIPAA and MIPPA, as well as payment regulations such as PCI-DSS.

Built-in security and privacy features enable compliance with industry regulations.


Transportation and logistics industries rely heavily on communication channels to manage and improve scheduling, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Capture and retrieve recorded interactions involving delays, vehicle, vessel or aircraft malfunction, accidents, and service issues within operation dispatch centers.


Record, monitor and report omnidata
intelligence from any source. Integrating Calibre with an organization’s communications network boosts call enter performance, optimizes agent interactions, helps analyze trends, and improves core business.

Leverage a highly reliable platform with flexible APIs, a scalable database, and built-in security features.


“Our Calibre call recording software is reliable, intuitive, and easy to use. The product works exactly as promised. Also, I’ve been in the IT business for over 30 years and can say HigherGround’s support team really is outstanding! Whenever we need to make changes based on our customers’ needs, they are attentive, efficient, and fast.”

– Ghafour Taghizadeh, Sr. Systems Programmer at University of Kentucky

“The service and support we received during installation were excellent. With HigherGround, we have developed our own evaluation form and we can now locate and evaluate calls in a fraction of the time we used to spend. We found Calibre to be the best value for us because it included all the features we wanted in one package.”

– Jan Farr, Shelter Insurance Companies

“Since using HigherGround it has given our department the ability to listen to calls in real time or at any chosen time after recording. We were also able to create our own grading cards which allows to focus on specific goals we have created for our department. We have appreciated the ability to customize what works best for us and that it has created positive and corrective coaching opportunities to make us a better call center.”

– Jessica M Razzo, Sr. Client Services Officer, AmericanBank

“Our team is impressed with Capture911’s intuitive web-based platform and appreciates the value it provides with a lot of extra features, including screen capture. We now have the ability to use our recording system to do so much more than our previous solution.”

– Lee Ann Magoski, Director of Emergency Communications, County of Monterey

“Capture911 has streamlined our investigation process and drastically improved our incident recreation abilities. The CAD screen capture feature is an invaluable training tool for our dispatchers and is used to verify our ALS ambulance on scene time compliance, and in some cases saved us from accruing penalties.”

– KT McNulty, Regional Director, AMR

“Our agency asked HigherGround to jump through many hoops to fit our business practice. They have been flexible and helped customize the Capture911 application to handle our needs. The software is easy to use with minimal training required. I would recommend Capture911 to anyone looking for reliable audio recording.”

– Charles Keasler, IT System Administrator, Yolo911

“During the 1-35W bridge collapse, the 9-1-1 center used HigherGround’s Capture911 digital voice recording solution to record each of the incoming telephone calls as well as radio transmissions. We did not lose a single recording, even with triple the normal call volume.”

– Heather Hunt, Director of Emergency Communication, Minneapolis 911

“The screen capture and Q/A features have enhanced the ability of our Training Unit to evaluate on-the-job performance of our Public Safety Telecommunicators, particularly new hires. Capture911 ensures they develop and employ the skills and techniques which align with our standards.”

– Jim DeMore, Deputy OEM Coordinator, Gloucester County Department of Emergency Response

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