Case Studies

Case Studies

Read about how our customers have benefited from HG solutions. 

University of New Mexico Hospital

One of seven healthcare institutions affiliated with the University of New Mexico, the University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH) is the state's only academic medical center and primary teaching hospital for the university's School of Medicine.

The Challenge:

The University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH) Customer Engagement Center was using an inefficient, outdated call recording system, and their contact center services were well below new customer service standards.


The Solution:

HigherGround software had been used successfully in another department, and the Customer Engagement Center found its features to be ideal for their needs. The Calibre platform with Quality Assurance and Screen Capture was installed with leading healthcare communications provider partner Spok.


The Result:  

Calibre’s easy to use rapid retrieval with flexible search filters saved hundreds of hours for UNMH supervisors searching for interactions, making their job easier and improving efficiency. The Quality Assurance feature allowed for grading of agent performance with appropriate KPIs, and coupled with Screen Capture – a feature that records images of the agent’s screen with interactions - supervisors were better able to coach the contact center team. Agent scores soared from 2.5 to 4.5 out of 5 within several months after installing Calibre.

Northwest Central Dispatch System

Northwest Central Dispatch System is the second largest consolidated dispatch center in Illinois, providing 9-1-1 services for several communities in northwest Chicago area. It has dedicated staff responding to an average of 1,677 phone calls per day and dispatches approximately 246,000 calls for service annually.
The Challenge:
An aging system was unable meet the demands of the facility that had recently consolidated. They needed a cost-effective recording, incident reconstruction and evaluation system that could support current needs and evolve with future NG9-1-1 standards.
The Solution:
The HigherGround Capture911 provided ease of use and ability to train staff as well as a seamless P25 integration without quality or data loss. This allowed them to easily and quickly search through archived calls and radio transmissions by variables such as officer, dispatcher, time index, and talkgroup. Further, the quality assurance feature (Quality911) allowed them to improve customer service.


Whitcom is the consolidated E-911 dispatch center for the city of Pullman, Washington State University, Whitman County, the city of Moscow, Idaho, and Asotin County, Washington.
The Challenge:  
Whitcom needed to upgrade its legacy call recording system quickly, due to weekly system failures and end-of-life on its aging call recording system. They needed a solution that could be implemented quickly and accommodate future NG 9-1-1 technologies.
The Solution:  
HigherGround’s Capture911 recording system was selected with the Avtec® Scout™ VoIP dispatch console. The integration of Capture911 and Scout with Whitcom’s existing Spillman CAD system created an efficient and easy-to-use call taking, logging and incident reconstruction experience, allowing dispatchers to easily search recorded interactions and save valuable time.
The Result:
HigherGround and Avtec provided a complete interaction recording, incident reconstruction and dispatcher evaluation suite that exceeds NENA and APCO standards for NG9-1-1 compliance. Whitcom now captures 100% of interactions (including telephone, radio, TTY/TDD and CAD) with metadata, and has a system that can easily expand to meet their future requirements.

Harris County Mobile Command Unit

The Harris County Sheriff­’s Office (HCSO) Mobile Command Unit in Texas is a widely recognized leader in emerging communication technologies, with awards from national organizations such as the Association of Public-Safety Communications International (APCO), and National Emergency Number Association (NENA).
The Challenge:
HCSO added several mobile command vehicles to their fleet to support severe weather incidences, man hunts, lost children searches, man-made disasters, high profile sporting events and, on occasion, nearby NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The vehicles needed a call/incident recording solution like the one in their dispatch center.
The Solution:
HCSO had been previously using HigherGround software in its dispatch center, and Capture911 was installed in all the new mobile vehicles. HigherGround’s continual development and response to changing customer requirements facilitated expanded support and customization for the vehicles. Ease of use of the product was a crucial factor for the HCSO mobile users as well, and the solution proved to be highly suitable for their needs.

Parkland Health and Hospital System Case Study

The Parkland Health & Hospital System employs over 11,000 people and serves the Dallas, TX community, with 862 single-patient rooms. Specialties include epilepsy treatment, arrhythmia management, and diagnostic cardiology, with internationally renowned trauma and burn centers.
The Challenge:
The advice nurse call center expanded to incorporate the additional volume of the PBX hospital operator functions. The center was tasked with handling a large call volume of over two million calls/year with limited number of advice nurses, while maintaining high-quality call interactions and short response times.
The Solution:
HigherGround Calibre software integrated seamlessly and provided quick access to real-time and recorded calls from any station, with fields including the agent’s name, station extension, date and time of call, call duration, and the caller’s phone number. Parkland implemented HigherGround’s Quality Assurance and training tools (Agent Scorecard) that enabled them to cross-train their system operators and advice nurses.
The Result:
Parkland realized improved customer service with call abandonment rate consistently less than 10%, and less than 18 seconds average answer speed for non-emergency calls.
“What used to take 4 hours to pull a 7-minute call can now be done almost instantly. We can filter by station, date, time, position, and screen capture.”
“We have a unique mix of needs at NWCDS and the HigherGround system supports them all.”
 “The product just works, as promised, without any drama.”
“The customer support has been tremendous.”
“As the fi­rst point of contact with Parkland Health & Hospital System for many customers, we are extremely proud of the high level of customer service we provide to our community.”
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